Automatic garage door opener with backup battery in CA – are they a must?

Did you know that effective July 2019, all new residential openers sold and installed in the state of CA must include a backup battery for safety purposes? (

This is due to various wildfires across CA in recent years (and it only seems to be getting more severe and frequent). Unfortunately, many victims of the fires in recent years ended up being trapped in their homes because they did not have a backup battery on their garage door and had no other way out. Wheelchair bound or elderly couldn’t loft the door even after pulling the red safety rope (disables the opener so that one can open the door manually).

The backup power provided for garage door openers are similar to any other rechargeable battery. With LiftMaster and Chamberlain models, the battery will either be located in the motor housing or right aside it. These batteries hold enough power so that you can use the door about 20 times on a single charge. A full charge takes about four and a half hours.

If your door isn’t balanced, your battery backup (or regular opener) won’t work as its designed to. Your garage door opener is only replacing what you should be able to do manually so keeping the garage door properly balanced is a necessity for the automatic opener to function properly.

The torsion springs above the garage door counterbalance the weight of the garage door, making it feel like 10 lbs. rather than the average 200 lbs. door, so that when you lift the door manually, it doesn’t feel that heavy at all.

Its quite easy to test the garage door for balance and very important for you to do so. Start by pulling the red emergency cord that releases the door from the opener system. Then, use one hand to lift the door. If it feels like it takes any serious effort, you should probably contact our professionals at YZ Garage Doors & Gates.

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