3 Simple Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Gate Working Properly

Your automatic gate gives a sophisticated and efficient entrance to your home or business, but like most mechanical products, they require a certain amount of upkeep to make sure they are working well and last longer.

Most of these can be done easily without the need for a professional, so be sure to try any of the following tips to keep your automatic gate working properly:

  1. Clean Your Gate

Be sure to give your gate a proper clean once or twice a year. For instance, even a wash and wax to your gate once a year will keep it looking great for a long time to come, helping to maintain the paint and prevent corrosion.

A build-up of dirt and dust can progress without regular cleaning, so be sure to keep an eye on the gate – keep the rust away from any metal parts. This will prolong the appearance of the gate, so you won’t have to pay for an expensive – and time consuming – repairs any sooner than it is a must.

  1. Lubricate Frequently

Your iron gate provider should have a recommended lubricant for your gate, which should typically be applied every 6 months or so.  Be sure to lubricate the chain, pulley, wheels, hinges, screws and any other important components as these are what make the gate work properly.

Be mindful of swing and slide gates – many have internal chains that require lubrication as well, but never use WD 40 or heavy oil to lubricate parts. Instead, use white lithium grease, oil (a little messy) or a silicon base lubricant which can be found at your local Home Depot or another supplier. Ask a representative for assistance.

  1. Lookout for Pests or Rodents

An often-overlooked part of automatic gate maintenance is pests such as insects, rodents and reptiles. While seemingly harmless, they can cause all manner of destruction in the electrical components of the gate.

For example, snails and slugs are problematic if they reach the circuit board as their slime trails can cause moisture build-ups that cause extensive damage to the circuitry. Other insects such as spiders cause similar issues with webs, while ants nests can also corrode circuitry. Mice are infamous for chewing through or urinating on the wiring, so be sure to keep an eye out for this! It may be a good idea to get a pest control professional to inspect your gate once a year to be extra vigilant.

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