Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home

Over the years, our needs, likes, and means have helped change the way today’s homes usage, they’re style and design, and what’s involved with them. Just as expected, garages and garage doors have advanced as well. In addition to housing the family cars and some valuables, they may be used as a small working office or even used as extra living space. Therefore, the door itself must complement its use and purpose.

As you research for a new garage door, you’ll want to consider what kind of door fits your home and your style. But how can you choose when there are so many selections? While it’s nice to have options, unless you’ve done a lot of investigation, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. We’ve narrowed the field for you with the most important 3 steps to choose your new garage door in Los Angeles.

Stage 1: Material The material you choose for your garage door should be sturdy, hold up in your resident climate, and be easy to preserve. Steel, aluminum, and fiberglass garage doors are some of the most durable and stand the test of time quite well. Steel is the best option for windy, open areas as it is the most wind resistant. However, it may not be the best option for coastal communities, as it could be vulnerable to corrosion from the salt in the air. Aluminum resists corrosion and is a lightweight option. Both steel and aluminum can be painted any color to match your exterior scheme, and steel doors are pretty low-maintenance in terms of preservation. Fiberglass is a great option for extreme climates with high heat or low temperatures. It insulates well and will help keep an even temperature inside your garage to keep heating and cooling bills down during hotter and colder seasons. Additionally, it won’t split or crack like wood might. Wood – a very popular material, has natural properties that are hard to resist for beauty and durability. It’s a natural insulator and provides a strong blockade against wind or burglary. It’s also more costly for these reasons.

 Stage 2: Architectural Style Curb appeal and aesthetics are important influences when considering a new garage door in Los Angeles. Matching the architectural design (like windows) of your home will produce the best overall appearance. If replacing the existing garage door, look at your garage door from afar, see what you like and dislike about the existing garage door. Is it the color that’s bothering you, the style, the material?  Is your home contemporary and modern or more traditional? Wood can complement any style—whether it’s rustic or smooth and sleek. Each material has its own properties for finishing. Some come pre-finished with durable colors, while others may require painting or staining. Of course, you’ll need to spend extra time on upkeep and refinishing these garage doors in a few years. Additionally, consider special features like arch-top windows or add carriage house garage door hardware to create the perfect look to your new garage door Los Angeles. Before you add windows to your garage door, think about the safety factor. You may want to reexamine if you’ve got little ones that play in the driveway with balls that could break the glass.

Stage 3: Accessibility/Operation Just as any other door in your home must operate efficiently, your garage door must also function as a dependable access point. That means that the door must fit and be balanced, properly accommodate the ceiling height and have plenty of room to safely open and close. You can choose from sectional, roll-up, slide to the side, side hinged, tilt-up canopy, and tilt-up retractable garage doors. Before choosing the style, call our professionals to measure and make sure it will work with a garage door opener (if you plan to use one) and that devices like safety motion-controlled sensors will operate with it properly.

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