Different Types Of Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Torsion Springs

With our daily schedules and stresses, we tend to focus less on our garage door and its much needed yearly general maintenance. Unfortunately, ultimately, it may lead to total damage or need of repair service. Garages are a crucial part of your belongings and home safety and is probably the largest moving part of your home.. It’s proper care and regular maintenance is vital. However, its parts (cables, torsion springs, etc) and door quality are all prone to damage. Garage door torsion springs are part of what makes your garage door function.. So if you recognize any damage with your torsion springs, call us for garage door springs repair. 

In order to keep your garage door working properly and keep your home safe, it is important to recognize any issues with your garage door and get them fixed immediately by a professional garage door technician. 

Below we have gathered some of the springs that are used in a distinct type of garage doors:

Open-Looped Extension

Such garage door springs are quite easy to change or repair. It may not need the replacement of bolts or the pulley. However, replacement of the entire spring as it is dependent on the open ends of the wire. 

Extension Springs

Extension springs that are placed on the upper track on either side of the garage door sides are quite common. While opening the door, these springs extend further, offering enough support for the garage door. All extension springs need to be handled with utmost care and safety. 

Torsion Springs

If you door is jammed or doesn’t open more than 6 or so inches, it may be that the torsion springs has popped or split in two. They extend and help to ease the garage door while opening and closing. A torque is integrated with the torsion springs that are responsible for raising the door. These torsion springs come in a variety of types, options including various sizes & lengths. However, this detailing all depends on your garage door size, weight, radius, and more. 

Overall, the safest and toughest garage door spring is torsion spring. Whenever in need of garage door repair or installation, always ensure that you have incorporated the right spring and have a professional garage door technician handle it.Always research about the services of garage door springs near me and pick the reliable one as per your needs. 

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