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All garage doors require regular maintenance every 6 months to a year, which you can possibly do yourself.  Periodically practice basic maintenance on your garage door (such as garage door lubrication and proper working safety sensors). However, please understand the difference between maintenance and repair. You can always call us at YZ Garage Doors and Gates Los Angeles for scheduled maintenance as well. That being said – there is certain garage door repair that should be left to YZ Garage Doors and Gates Los Angeles professional technicians. When you have a broken garage door torsion spring or loose cables issue, offtrack doors or parts that hve broken, be sure to call YZ Garage Doors and Gates Los Angeles 818-747-7962 or toll-free 800-770-0493 to safely offer a solution to the issue. This will avoid a possible major injury to yourself or your belongings. We have the knowledge, experience and the tools to handle just about every garage door maintenance problem. 


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