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YZ Garage Doors & Gates Los Angeles customers know that they should call us at the first sign of an opener problem and take advantage of our expert service. We will install and repair the garage door opener of your choice.  Having installed many types of openers such as belt drives or chain drives, we have firsthand experience on today’s BEST openers on the market. YZ Garage Doors & Gates offers the Top Level openers equipped with the latest technology, latest safety functions, and whisper-quiet motors. You can choose from a chain-driven or belt-driven opener. Effective 7/1/2019, ALL new garage door openers sold and manufactured must have a battery backup for safety features (CA SB-969).

Chain drives are typically the most commonly used and most reliable type of opener. This drive runs the garage door on its track by using a metal chain. They tend to be a little noisier than a belt drive. Call us today to discuss options and choose the best for your home. YZ Garage Doors & Gates Los Angeles is here to assist with all garage door opener repairs and installations. 


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