Broken Garage Door Springs 

Garage door springs have tremendous tension every time a garage door opens and closes. This is necessary to lift or close a garage door and limit the strain on the individual and garage door opener. When the garage door springs are properly adjusted this task is accomplished with ease. The tension of a garage door spring is converted into a lifting energy force which counter balances the weight of the garage door so that it will open easily. Once your garage door torsion springs break, it becomes very difficult and heavy (dead weight of the door).

Eventually garage door springs get old and out of alignment. They become brittle, weak, and break. If this happens, be sure to call us at YZ Garage Doors & Gates at 818-747-7962 or toll free 800-770-0493 for same day emergency repair appointments. Our technicians will provide you the finest quality of garage door springs to last you many years to come. We highly suggest to leave garage door torsion springs replacements to the professionals at YZ Garage Doors & Gates as there is danger involved when replacing broken torsion springs. 


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