Garage Door Torsion Springs

Let’s start off by saying that things sometimes (often) go wrong at the worst times.  You’re late to a meeting, a doctor’s appointment, your kid’s recital. You rush rush rush, get in the car, press the push button, and hear a loud “POP”! Your door has dropped back to the ground hard, possibly even diagonally, and you cannot open it even when pulling the red emergency cord to release the automatic garage door opener (You now realize that the garage door opener doesn’t actually do the lifting, the springs do).  Your two-car garage door is jammed shut, and now, dead weight.   You’re stuck and can’t get your vehicle out. 

 Please do not attempt to lift the garage door when one of the springs is broken. If you try to manually raise the door when one of the springs is broken, you are risking serious injury.


Due to safety issues, broken torsion springs should be replaced, not repaired.  The springs’ purpose is to carry the weight and heaviness of the door while it’s opening or closing. Garage doors can weigh up to several hundred pounds, depending on the size, style and material of the door.  Welding the spring back together or bolting the gap together is a cheap fix, but it is very dangerous and is often a temporary fix since the remainder of the coils on the spring are just as worn down as the point that broke.


Most standard garage door torsion springs are rated to raise and lower a garage door at least 10,000 times. This interprets into a 10-15-year useful life for the garage door springs. If your garage door is in good shape, a professional technician will probably be able to replace the springs for a couple of hundred dollars. A few words of caution are applicable with respect to this repair.

First, do not attempt to replace the springs yourself, especially if you do not have the correct tools or experience for the job. When coiled, garage door springs store a great amount of energy. If you try to do the broken torsion springs repair yourself and you accidentally release the coiled energy during the repair process, you can suffer serious or even fatal injuries. Skilled technicians have the correct tools and experience to replace broken springs. The money you might save while doing the job yourself is never worth the risk of injury.

Next, even if only one spring breaks, we highly recommend the technician replaces both the broken and the remaining good spring. Your garage door springs were installed in tandem when the door itself was originally installed. If one of those springs fails, the remaining spring is likely to close to failure as well. Your door may be misaligned and soon enough, you will be contacting a garage door repair company to replace the old, now broken, torsion spring (and have to once again – pay for labor)

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