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A garage door that is off track can be dangerous!

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A garage door that is off-track is usually caused by an underlying issue

A garage door may come off track for several reasons such as broken rollers, broken springs, broken hardware, or just an obstruction in the path of the door such as a trash car or any other object that is strong enough to disturb the Functionality of the garage door.

At YZ Garage Doors we know an Off track can be annoying, inconvenient, and unsafe for homeowners. It is also an extremely dangerous DO IT YOURSELF project because when the garage door is under tension due to being off track; the spring in the garage door can cause serious painful and expensive damage.

The most common reasons that garage door come off track are:

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Garage doors don’t just hop off their track, it's caused by something

YZ Garage Doors & Gates is available 24/6 to provide emergency professional off track garage door service in Los angeles and surrounding areas because we believe security and comfort for you and your loved ones is essential.

The first and most important thing our technician will do once we visit your home is to diagnose the cause of the  garage door being off track. Once diagnosed, the technician will perform the correct repair and make sure the door doesn’t slip off track again. Let one of our highly skilled technicians at YZ Garage doors service repair your off track garage door in one visit!

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