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Garage door springs carry massive amounts of weight and tension – and even the smallest malfunction within them cause garage doors to not only lose practical functionality, but to become quite dangerous indeed as the springs may suddenly snap or break. Amateurs should never attempt repairing garage door springs; however the team at YZ Garage Doors & Gates can provide the deftest skill at repairing any issues with these necessary mechanisms, whether they operate according to torsion or extension mechanics. If you’re experiencing garage door spring issues at your residential or commercial location, contact us today for instant solutions at a fair, competitive flat rate.

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YZ Garage spring repair services

Torsion Garage Spring Repair LA County: YZ Garage Doors & Gates know that a broken spring, which can lead to a garage door that cannot be open or closed, can be the cause for a lot of frustration. That is why we, are available for same day service for all your garage doors needs. We repair garage door torsion spring in LA County, and we will do it today. We carry in our tracks many torsion springs from different size and for different garage doors, and most likely that we carry the spring which is needed in order to repair your garage door. If the Garage Door springs are broken or any other garage door issues, please contact us, and one of our garage doors technicians will be happy to help.

Los Angeles Garage Extension Spring RepairThe extension springs located on top of your garage door tracks. Repairing a broken extension spring is not a complicated project for a trained technician, and we are dealing with repairing broken spring on a daily base. When it comes to extension springs replacement, we would like to make it clear, that in terms of safety, every extension spring should include safety cables, which installed in order to protect the surrounding area of the garage door, in case the spring break. In order to avoid broken springs or any other damage to your garage door, we recommend every garage door need maintenance service once every 6 month, whether it is a they all need to be maintained.

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